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Some feedback from a few of Momma's customers...


My bird loves your product. I found it because my bird had his beak removed by another bird and had to change his diet. His grew back to a certain point and then stopped, so his birdie bread is still his favorite staple.


   - Cheryl


What great food for our Sun Conure, Peaches,. One of your bags makes about 30 mini-muffins and I feed her one per day. Thanks very much!


   - Dennis; Michigan


My fine feathered companion loves your birdie bread and can't wait for each shipment. Thanks


   - Cheryl


Cooter has to have his Momma bread or I will pay with bells clanging, his seed thrown out on the floor and his water bowl emptied and clicked at. I tried to cheat and make him banana nut muffins to get by but that did not work. He has to have his Momma birdie bread. He is 28 years old and has only been to the vets once so if that's what he likes, so be it. I will be a life-time buyer. Thank you so much for caring about our companion.


   - Janet (NC)


We've tried other birdie bread mixes and Momma is the best! No kidding. Thank you for taking care of our feathered friends.


   - Lydia (Berkeley)



My birds LOVED the bread! I use to make it for my birds years ago, but because of medical problems this is so much easier. I even tasted the bread so the Birds and I loved it. 


   - Mary S. (FLA)


I had to share with you my first experience with you delicious bread for my baby U2. I purchased 2 different recipes the original and Caribbean. We have 2 Rotts, a cat and now our new addition, Beaslieanne, our U2. I first saw her at 3 days old and finally when she was 4 months the breeder let me take her home. I was close enough to the breeder to go and visit once a week. As you probably know, U2s do not wean well or fast. Anyway, we were going down to Arkansas to visit my in-laws and we boarded dogs and cat and took Bease. I made food in advance and packed my nap sack with feeding syringe to scale. I never had children and God knew what he was doing. My husband finally said a Wal-Mart is 15 miles from my parents house, we are not going to the jungles. 


When we got there, it was late, so I emptied all the birds food into the refrigerator and settled into for the evening. When I got up the next morning, my father-in-law was eating your (Beaslies') bread. I asked him how he liked the bread and he said it was very good. My mother-in-law added that he had told her (before my husband and I awoke) that he thought I was a better cook because there were so many egg shells in the bread. When my husband came into the room, he went to the refrigerator for OJ and said, "Watch what you eat here, most of it is for Beaslie." We had a good laugh over this especially after my husband found out his dad ate 1/2 the bread loaf. I am a very good cook but we now label containers "Beaslie's Food" in case we have company.


I am here to purchase more. You, too, are a very good cook.


Thanks and have a great and safe day........


   - Bonnie


Thank you!!! You have made the perfect birdie bread. My birds and I could not be happier!! They love it and start yelling at me when I take it from the oven. Thank you!!!


   - Zelda and her flock


Oh, my goodness I received my Birdie Bread -just made some up for my birds - my bird room is so quiet with them all eating the bread, my Goffin - he was trying to get to it before I got it out of my hand into his dish. All my birds are handfed and very friendly and they just LOVE this. I am SOLD I will be buying LOTS from you.


Thank you again and my birds thank you.


   - Sharon


My very fussy African Grey has loved all of the different flavors I ordered last time. Amazing for him! So I would like to order more if I may. I would like 1=singing bird, 1=harvest loaf, and 2=original.


   - Jasmine


I have baked the bread, and they LOVED it. Will send you pics....


   - Christa




I CANNOT EMPHASIZE ENOUGH HOW IMPRESSED I am with everything you offer.. the packaging etc.. I will be baking this weekend and cant wait to sink 12 beaks into your yummy breads!


I love the bread!


   - Lisa


My greys love the birdie bread. I have tried all but the Wing Dynasty one. Their favorite is the Caribbean Loaf. I think they like the cinnamon!! I made the original one and added a little cinnamon and they loved it as well. My greys and I thank you!


   - Conya (Cinder and Sam too!!)


My Panama Amazon (Jimmy) loved the birdie bread :-) We still have one package left...


   - Bridgette


I have served your Birdie Bread with much success. My Greys love it.


   - Conya


Thank you so much for sending the bread mix quickly. They loved it right away at first taste. I've told my local bird store about it and gave out samples to some of the birds. I think they are going to order, if they haven't already. Thanks again!


   - Neva


I like it straight from the pan!


   - Sophie the Goffin's Cockatoo


I have been feeding Momma Bird's bread for over a year. My birds LOVE it over all others I have tried. I have recommended your bread to all of my friends on my bird, parrot, and conure internet sites and my local bird friends because it's so very easy to make and, without a doubt, my bird's #1 favorite. Thanks,


   - Claudia


I have been telling everybody how good your bread is and they are all wanting to try it. Sandy made some up for her birds and they loved it, she is bringing samples to the bird club on Thursdays to tell everyone about it and show them of course I will be there and you know I will really praise it up my birds gets nothing but the BEST


There is going to be a bird show In March, I should have had you sent me more cards so I can pass around to everybody and all the breeders because I have never seen this at bird shows before but they will now.


I am so glad I found you and thanks again for the two extra bags, they look pretty good after I made them right up. God Bless,


   - Sharon


I thought I would let you know I made my first Birdie Bread, original flavor, and my two birds absolutely loved it. They did not take their heads out of their food dishes until it was all gone.


I will definitely be ordering again


Thanks so much.


   - Terri

I have heard from so many of my friends about your product. Finally, I tried it and oh my god....it is perfect. You have actually provided a quick way to feed my parrots healthy, wonderful food. Thank you for thinking of this.


   - Betty


I LOVE your product. It is the best birdie bread ever. I try to make my own and since my birds have tasted Momma's bread, they turn their beaks up at mine. Thank you so much.


   - Mavis






I love your birdie bread and my birds wont eat any other--even the ones I make.


   - sylvia in SF


I have not found another birdie bread that compares!!! And Sammy, my African Grey and Lucy, my Goffin, have great taste. Momma you are the best...no question.


   - Linda in NY


My bird loves your product. I found it because my bird had his beak removed by another bird and had to change his diet. His beak grew back to a certain point and then stopped, so his birdie bread is still his favorite staple. Thanks!


   - Cheryl (FLA)


Everyone (2 macaws, 2 cockatoos, and a pionus) love your bread.


   - Susan (MD)


Thanks for such a great product. My birds absolutely love this birdie bread!


   - Jeane (MT)


Still the Best!!! You make the best birdie bread in the world. No question. My macaw and African Grey are in love with your product. Thanks for being such a thoughtful cook.


   - Mandy (oregon)


No one can compete with the quality of your birdie bread. We have tried the other birdie bread and my birds turn up their beaks. Long live Momma Bird!!


   - Gretchen (Wisconsin)


GREAT STUFF!! I use about a bag every 3 weeks.


   - Dennis


My senegal, Oskar, is a picky eater but he LOVES his birdie bread. Thanks


   - Nina and Oskar


My African Grey Cooter absolutely loves your bread. When it is feeding time in the evening, if there is not a muffin in his bowl, he starts clanging is bells and looks to see if I am paying atttention...and he doesn't stop until you give him one. He is a very picky eater. I was very happy to find something he really loves. Thank you.


   - Janet (N.C.)


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