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Why does Momma recommend Manzanita perches for her feathered friends?


As birds, we stand on our feet most of our lives.  The expression “when your feet hurt, everything hurts” is our mantra.  Our feet are the bottom line and we need perches that offer variability so we can exercise our leg and foot muscles.  Standing in one place on a uniform size perch is just plain boring and unnatural and can lead to major health problems.  Simulating nature at it’s best, the curves and irregular shaped branches of the Manzanita tree help prevent health problems such as arthritis and bumble foot.  

Also, you probably know that as parrots, we need and love to chew.  As well as entertaining ourselves, chewing also helps keep our beaks pristine and our mind’s active. Manzanita is virtually bird chew proof for all but the very largest of us and they have to work pretty hard to do any damage. Manzanita is considered to be one of the hardest woods in the world today. And it is NOT  TOXIC!!  How about that?

Because Manzanita is a hard wood, sometimes it will crack as it dries.  Don’t worry.  That is just part of nature doing it’s thing.  Manzanita is a beautiful red color with bark that we can tear apart. Pretty much, that’s the truth and here’s the deal, I’m Momma bird and I believe Manzanita perches are the best.

Where does Momma harvest her Manzanita?


Lucky for me, I live on the Mendocino Coast of California where Manzanita grows in abundance.  I am one of those lucky birds with my own Manzanita grove where we beak and foot select each piece – making sure it is perfect for our feathered family.  Clearly, I am more than just a cook.  I am a very lucky parrot who is a seeker of fine woods and producer of excellent Manzanita perches!!

What size perch does Momma recommend for her feathered friends?


Finding the right fit for your bird’s feet is important.  Your feathered friends foot should wrap around the top half of the perch and not necessarily wrap around the whole perch.  At the same time, remember that we need variety so the varied dimension inherent in the Manzanita perch is   best.

Usually, the smaller of us require a perch with a diameter less than 1 inch. You probably know who you are but who come to mind are the parakeets, canaries, parrotlets, budgies, and finches.

The conures, goffins, caiques, etc might enjoy perches with a diameter measuring between 1 1/2” and 3” and the larger members of our feather family (macaws, hyacinth, and large cockatoos) comfortably fit on perches that measure between 1 and 2 inches in diameter.


Manzanita Play Stands or Play Gyms


The play gym offers us a chance to hang outside the cage without doing major damage to the household.  This is a very good thing.  I have designed a gym that represents the best of northern California.  First of all, we are utilizing the best perch wood available – Manzanita and secondly, for our play stand base, we are recycling beautiful organic oak that was previously used in Sonoma county wine barrels.  We might not be able to drink the wine, but we certainly can appreciate the beauty of hand carved oak staves that once provided fermenting barrels for awesome California wines.  The staves are solid oak, sanded slightly with organic bees wax to maximize their beauty and are available in different sizes.  We also have one that is just for the cage top.  This is not just any Manzanita Play Stand; this is Momma Bird’s Mendocino Manzanita Play Stand.  

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